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Participating in trials provides access to study medication and potential compensation, all without the need for insurance.

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How YourTrialSearch Works with You

  1. Find a Trial Match

    TrialSearch enables you to find suitable trials by answering a few questions about yourself and your medical condition. By doing so, you will be matched with trials you may be eligible for. Comprehensive study information for each trial will be provided, empowering you to thoroughly understand all your available options.

  2. Qualify

    After reviewing your matches, our team of medically trained study coordinators will get in touch with you. They will conduct a series of in-depth interviews to gather detailed information about your condition(s). These comprehensive questions will help identify specific studies for which you qualify and determine which ones may be the best fit for your individual needs.

  3. Study Enrollment

    Upon determining your eligibility, we will promptly connect you with the doctor's office overseeing the study. The study team will take charge of any further evaluations, manage your treatments and care, and provide you with compensation details. Our dedicated study coordinators will maintain regular communication with you and be available to address any questions or concerns, regardless of their significance. We are fully committed to supporting you throughout your journey.

What Patients Are Saying

A remarkable 89% of patients indicated their readiness to participate in a trial once more.1 Here are a few shared experiences from past participants.

“I had an overwhelmingly positive experience participating in the study. I deeply valued the research's purpose, aimed at... helping others facing similar circumstances.
Billie Photo
Jessica Ionia, MI
The staff was outstanding.. and they established a personal connection with me, which significantly enhanced my overall positive experience in the study.”
Jackie Photo
Christie Hendersonville, NC
“I would highly recommend participating in a clinical trial. for individuals facing situations similar to mine, with limited options, I strongly urge considering being a part of a clinical trial. If only I had known more about studies and their workings, I would have gotten involved much earlier.”
Robert Photo
John Boston, MA
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1 YourTrialSearch patient survey, October 2021